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Bees on Top Bar - Slow Motion

USG websites are VERY confusing!

Trucker cited after bees escape along I-95

I may be no busy bee, but busy boy…indeed!!


Why Mozilla’s Chief Had to Resign

"…….. I don’t think it was his stance against gay marriage in his home state of California that should be named as the cause of his departure.”

Instead, Mr. MacPherson argued, it was Mr. Eich’s inability to keep his community together amid a growing firestorm that proved he could not lead the organization.

Mr. MacPherson added: “So while the mob might feel like it won, proving that there is some kind of zero-tolerance for homophobia in America, Eich’s departure from Mozilla tells a slightly more nuanced story than that.”

Full Story: NYT

Bye, bye Mozilla…I have NO interest in you or your “unique” culture…

Initial contact with new BeagleBone Black board


Our daily Shuttle magnificence!


The final departure.

NASA…replaced by Obamacare


Let This Awesome Science Infect Your Mind

Ed Yong is one of the finest science writers in the world. His National Geographic blog is chock full of the weird, wild, and WTF-inducing stories that make our living world so darn interesting. So I was overjoyed when I heard he would be speaking at this year’s TED.

He didn’t disappoint. In his talk above, he unlocks the under-appreciated and often cringe-worthy world of mind-controlling parasites. They get no respect, I tell ya, no respect at all. Yet they are cornerstones of countless ecosystems, determining food availability and managing population sizes like armies of freaky fauna, each deployed in a Trojan Horse of evolution’s design. Every parasite’s life is a story, by definition, an elaborate chain that extends from host to host, and I think they’ve found their minstrel in Ed. I mean that as a compliment, of course.

Listen to him weave a tapestry of tapeworms, explain what makes flamingos munch on zombie shrimp, show you how a cricket is like a TARDIS, how a wasp turns a cockroach into a cocker spaniel, and how a brain-controlling protozoan reminds him of an Elizabeth Gilbert novel. My favorite part of this? The idea that ideas themselves may be parasites.

I haven’t loved a TED talk this much in a long time. Or maybe that’s just the parasite talking. 

Is it possible there’s a parasite that infects only politicians in Washington DC?


As the days get longer, the weather becomes milder, and the air begins to sweeten with hints of the first spring blossoms, my thoughts turn increasingly to my bees. I’ve spied them scouting out the first dandelions and daffodils for nectar and bringing the pollen back to their hives which tells me that the queen is gearing up for spring and laying lots of eggs. This is a time of year when it is crucial for beekeepers to pay attention to what’s going on in each of their beehives. [Keep reading…]

Town of Front Royal Excitement